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Written translations are translations, which are submitted to a client in writing. They can be different documents, letters, correspondence, websites, offers, inquiries, contracts and many others.

Written translations can be official and unofficial, as an official translation is handed in to a client on paper, it is printed out onto an official agency form/ blank with its logo and it bears a wet seal and the personal signature of the translator, who has made it. At the end of a translation, a translator places a sworn statement about the authenticity of a translation and signs under it. Official translations can be legalized at government ministries, embassies and competent public institutions. Unofficial translations cannot be legalized, whereas they do not meet compulsory requirements for a form.

Written translations are divided into express, fast and standard ones and also into ordinary and specialized ones. The criteria for the classification of the types of translations are volume and the period for order fulfillment on the one hand and the complexity of a text with a view to its specific terminology or in view of the necessary text processing on the other hand.

Express translations

What is typical of this translation, that it has a top priority and is made very quickly for a very short period of time. Whenever it is combined with the certification and/or legalization of a document, besides the technological time needed for a translation, we inform a client also about the time limits for certification and legalization. With a view to the quality of the offered by us services, we do not accept the express translations of certain kinds of documents, which require exceptional precision and attention. Such are medical documents (epicrises/medical case reports, certificates, the histology of different diseases, medical test descriptions and others), some kinds of commercial contracts and certain types of documents, issued by courts.

Time limits: Usually, express translation orders are carried out for a period of 8 up to 10 working hours at the volume of a translation up to 5 typewritten pages (under a standard of a typewritten page equal to 1800 symbols). Due to the short deadlines for their making, express translations feature raised prices.

 Fast ones

A fast translation is made for a period, ranging from 16 up to 20 working hours at the volume of a translation order up to 5 typewritten pages under a standard for one page equal to 1800 typewritten symbols. Due to the shorter deadlines for the translation order fulfillment, fast translations are made at increased prices.

 Standard ones

Standard translations are made for 3-4 working days at the volume of a translation order up to 5 typewritten pages under a standard for one page equal to 1800 typewritten symbols.

 Ordinary translations

The ordinary translation is the translation of a typical document, like for example, public acts of municipalities: a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a certificate of the identicalness of names, a certificate of civil status, a death certificate and others. Ordinary translations are also these of a non-specialized correspondence, contracts for the purchase of an automobile, which are submitted to a municipality, certificates of an enrolled/registered student at a foreign school, certificates of kindergarten attendance, a certificate issued by an employer or a public institution about an income, diplomas and academic certificates of completed primary and secondary education and others.

 Specialized translations

The specialized translation is every translation, which includes special terminology in different areas, like for example, engineering, science, economics, finance, law, accounting, programming, medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and many others. The specific detail about this kind of translation is that usually translators have specialized knowledge in the relevant branch of science and in the relevant language, which gives them an opportunity for accurate and meaningful and not word-for-word translation. In this case, the correct rendering of the text content (s) is of great importance.

Whenever the graphical layout of a translation, text processing or the formatting of a translation require specialized computer knowledge, pricing is again carried out under an increased tariff.

Due to the complexity of an assignment and the specific features of a style, specialized translations are made under an increased tariff. For the same reason, it is not recommended for specialized translations to be given express orders.

All written translations can be presented to clients not only on paper, but also on a disk, flash memory, via e-mail and others.

NOTE! This section includes ONLY the time limits for the translation of a document. Whenever a document should be legalized, the deadlines are set by the public institutions at which the document is legalized. For more information, please, see “Certification and legalization.”

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