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Regulation (EC) No. 987/2009 requires of an employer or from a self-employed person obligatorily to inform the National Revenue Agency (NRA) in advance.



The requirements originate from Regulation (EC) No. 883/2004 –social security and integration within EU

1. Fill in the request for the issue of A1 certificate

2. The history of a company, with a trial balance of at least 4 months, by means of which one will prove that the company is operating and works. (The months are 12, if the firm is newly registered as, it must have had a trial balance for at least 4 months.)

3. An appointed staff, out of which at least 25% must remain on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria after commissioning, as these 25% do not include a lady cleaner, a secretary girl, an office assistant, a manager and administrative specialists. It is certified with:

4. A copy of employment contracts;

5. A copy of appointed persons’ identity cards;

6. A certificate of specific data under article 62 of Bulgaria’s Labor Code issued by NRA, that labor contracts have been announced;

7. A copy of business trip orders;

8. A copy of the contract with a foreign firm, by dint of which, employees are sent on a business trip. If this contract is not in Bulgarian language, an official translation of it must be made at an authorized translation agency, with the signature of a sworn translator and a company seal onto it. It is advisable to enclose not a copy, but the original of your translation, attached to a certified copy of the contract in question with a signature and a statement that it is true if collated with the original.

9. A contract for closed deals and invoices to them, as one is more interested in sales made than in purchases made. An accounting contract and a rent contract are not regarded as trustworthy. Deals must be done before the moment of submitting your request for A1 certificate.

10. An accounting policy or a presentation of the company line of business or a letter from a manager about the activity in which the company is engaged and what one will do abroad with a signature and a company seal.


A1 certificate is issued in 3 copies, as one of the copies, drawn up in English language, which is in a form common for the whole EU, is sent to the receiving country, to their administration and can be presented on demand. A1 certificate, respectively the refusal of its issue, must be ready within 30 calendar days after the submittal of a request.

You can download the form of the request for the issue of A1 certificate from the official website of NRA.

The team of Vesta Consult has a rich experience in the application and receipt of permits for sending persons on a business trip abroad by means of A1 certificate.

Please, have in mind that the above-mentioned regulations are applicable completely and exclusively in the European Union and in the European Economic Area (EEA). Procedures are different in third countries and as far as they are concerned, one applies for a work permit under their relevant internal rules.

The application and drawing-up of the package, containing documents about A-1 Certificate, issued from NRA, is not a package service. The remuneration of Vesta Consult is subject to negotiations and depends on the complexity of every individual assignment, on the volume of work and the number of held consultations. That’s why, the prices set below are approximate and not final.

1. A one-time consultation on the issue of A1 Certificate about the sending of a staff on a business trip within EU or OIC and the initial review of the indicators of a company (whether it will approved or not, together with recommendations) – 150 BGN.


2. The preparation of a set of documents about a concrete employee – from 50 up to 100 BGN per an employed person.



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