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We have an excellent team, which takes care of the preparation of payment orders for salaries and health insurance and social security contributions. If you wish, you can pay them at a cash office/desk, into the bank accounts of your employees or into a debit card. We draw up schedules for summarized working time or for work in shifts, schedules for annual paid leaves, as we process sick leave certificates, prepare all necessary documents about the appointment and dismissal of a staff. We assist at inspections of the Labor Inspectorate and other competent public bodies. We draw up UP2 and UP3. We assist at the preparation of documents about retirement (for the employees of our clients). We prepare documents and assist at the application of employees for work abroad and at the sending of a staff on a business trip for more than 6 months (with A1 Certificate). For more information concerning the sending of a staff on a business trip, please, read “Articles and Publications” or our company forum.

We draw up employment contracts, additional agreements and whatever other documents at client’s request and according to the needs of a business.

You will find here detailed information about the cycle of our work and about provided services.

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