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“Vesta Consult” accounting house started its main line of business on the 12th of December in the distant year 1990. Yet in the very beginning, accounting services were only one of the many activities, performed by “Vest Consult” accounting house. Мany excellent specialists work at the above-mentioned accounting house, as they have higher education in the area of accounting, finance and law. In view of the policy pursued by “Vesta Consult” accounting house, which is as follows: “the problems of our clients-these are also our problems”, we offer the best individual solutions to every business entity. We keep track, from time to time, of the amendments made to tax and labor legislation, which gives us an opportunity to react in good time in defense of your interests. Undoubtedly, an advantage of “Vesta Consult” accounting house is the circumstance, that the company offers services not only in the area of accounting and payroll services, but it can also meet other demands of yours, namely-the optimization of taxes and expenditures for a line of business, the improvement in the general economic condition/position of your business entity, the making of business analyses, the drawing-up of business plans for starting enterprises, company registration, entries, announcements, deletions of circumstances, the drawing-up of documents about the giving of credits, cooperation at participation in public bids, EU programs for regional development, the provision of legal services, the making of translations and legalization of documents and we have also many other lines of business.

After Republic of Bulgaria was accepted as a member of EU, the accounting company “Vesta Consult” specialized also in the procedures for long lasting business trips of workers abroad in other countries, members of EU, on the grounds of Regulation 883. To achieve this result, it is necessary to obtain a specific permission (Certificate A1), and the period of the business trip is between 6 months and 2 years.

Altogether with the mentioned above, the appointment of employees, which are citizens of third countries (which are not members of EU), by a Bulgarian employer also is linked with high requirements. TO achieve this result, the employer and the worker have to obtain permission by the labor office and the Employment Agency as well.

Our team of HR specialists is experienced in these procedures, so that all regulations to be fulfilled and respected and your business initiatives to finish with success.

Vesta Consult

Vesta Consult