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Why is it better for you to prefer “Vesta Consult” tax and accounting to the maintenance of your own accounting department?

A section of expenditures

• The maintenance of your own accounting and/or payroll department requires the allocation of financial means for salaries, health insurance and social security contributions, the purchase of specialized software and its updating, office supplies, the increase in the qualifications of the specialists, who you have hired under labor contract and so on. You can reduce these expenses to a great extent and minimize your responsibilities, if you avail yourself of the services, offered by “Vesta Consult” tax and accounting office. Your only engagement/commitment remain a monthly subscription. It saves you a lot of time, financial means and efforts. At that, you get services of high quality and consultations by superior specialists in tax and accounting issues.


• The established by you accounting and/or payroll department is a unit in which employees work under labor contract. The financial responsibility of these persons in case of omissions and inaccuracies is limited by law and damages suffered in consequence of an admitted inaccuracy can be great.”Vesta Consult” tax and accounting office concludes with you a commercial contract for a service and bears full responsibility for its work. We hold our image and good solutions in high esteem/regard, which is an additional guarantee for the excellent quality of the services received by you. We can create an accounting team especially for you that will fully protect and take care of your interest.

A practice

• The accounting department in a firm is managed by a financial manager or by a chief accountant. These are specialists, who must review and evaluate every individual case alone, according to their training. At “Vesta Consult” tax and accounting office, you can rely on the accumulated over the years diverse and rich practice and you can count on a team of tax consultants, jurists, accountants, auditors, financiers and economists, who pay special attention to all your business needs.

Human resource management (HRM)

•Besides guarantees for high quality, the reduction in expenses and in terms of responsibilities, “Vesta Consult” tax and accounting office can also perform services to you in the area of payroll (labor and a work salary), the optimization of taxes, social security payments and others. It will immediately reduce your needs for a department of “Human Resources” or “Personnel”. Our specialists in payroll services will get down to all details about the appointment and removal of a staff from office, the notification to the National Revenue Agency and the National Social Security Institute about the conclusion and termination of employment contracts, the drawing-up of payroll ledgers/pay-sheets, the issues of certificates, the transfer of health insurance and social security contributions and many others.

Confidentiality and awareness

A very important element of business management is to keep the economic information of our clients secret. We can keep a company secret excellently. In this regard, “Vesta Consult” tax and accounting house takes special care which is expressed not only in the fulfillment of the requirements for the preservation of the confidentiality on the part of the staff, working for us, but also in the field of the good protection of the software, where economic information is located.

Methods of work

“Vesta Consult” tax and accounting house applies modern well-selected methods, which create an opportunity for the economic information about different reporting years to be collated and so that, one can use it for economic analyses, if necessary. Thus, one avoids the following circumstance, characteristic of the firms, which replace in time its accountants: Whenever different accountants work in a company in different time intervals, it turns out that each of them has applied his own rules and has carried out accounting reporting according to his own views, because of which, the economic information of an accounting department about every year provides services to different logic and makes data incomparable and unfit for an analysis. Very often every accountant, starting work, as a precondition has demanded different software, which additionally hinders the analysis of data, on one hand and tax audits, on the other hand. Confiding in the services of “Vesta Consult” tax and accounting house, you manage to avoid this negative feature.

Several more reasons why you should choose “Vesta Consult” accounting office

•“Vesta Consult” has more than 25-year-long practice, considered from 12.12.1990, during which it gained a rich and diverse experience. •We can offer you complex, full and qualitative services at competitive prices, thanks to the wide range of services, which we offer. •We employ highly qualified specialists in different areas. • We can create/build a suitable team of top specialists, who will take care only of you. •Our observations about market mechanisms has taught us, that precise book-keeping, payroll services and timely legal consultations are vital prerequisites for our clients to build a thriving business. You can place your trust in our vocational experience of more than 20 years in the area of tax, accounting and legal services, consultations, optimization of expenditures and taxes, including under Bulgaria’s VAT Law, Corporate Income Tax Act, Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act, Tax and Social Security Procedure Code, Administrative Procedure Code and others, as we can conduct an internal financial audit and make economic analyses of a line of business and can carry out the preparation of cost prices for development activity and others.

Who are we?

We are “Vesta Consult” tax and accounting office and we offer complete tax, accounting, legal and payroll services. We are also experts in other areas-consulting services, economic analyses, business plans, registration of companies, entries, announcements, deletions of main circumstances, legal services, mainly under tax, commercial, health insurance and social security and labor legislation and others. We work with clients from different areas of the private and public sector: IT-technologies, innovation, medicine, trade, construction, manufacture, agriculture, services, transport, tourism, hotel-keeping, restaurant-keeping, as we render services to embassies, political parties, foundations, non-governmental organizations and other nonprofit legal persons.

We know and believe, that:

~ Ethics is more important than a profit.

~ Challenges to our clients are also ours.

~We do whatever we have said, that would do.

~ We respect everyone and help him develop his potential.

~ Differential nature is something, which we welcome.

~We always think and act independently.

~Loyalty, confidentiality, accuracy and sureness are our qualities.

~We are here in a long-term perspective.

Vesta Consult

Vesta Consult