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  • A personal accountant, whose work will be directly supervised by an experienced chief accountant, will take care of your interests.
  • A collaborator of Vesta Consult will accept and arrange your company documents at the accounting house office. Documents are accepted under a list. The same are allocated and classified, in order to be processed.
  • In case of provided documents do not meet normative requirements under Bulgaria’s Accountancy Act and valid applicable legislation, you will get a consultation on: the necessary content of data and requisites; a form; time limits and so on. In this case, we shall notify you about the time limit, within which you should submit an immaculate document for processing;
  • Thus, arranged and classified documents, divided by types, deals and in a chronological sequence, are submitted to your personal accountant for processing. You can get approximate information about the technological time for processing and about that, when you will be able to obtain updated information about the financial position of your company (after the end of processing).
  • The processing of documents is monthly and is performed at the observation of the adopted by your company accounting policy and according to its individual chart of accounts (COA). If a company is new, then one establishes appropriate for it accounting policy and chart of accounts yet at the acceptance of first documents.
  • The processing of documents includes the accounting of primary book-keeping of documents: invoices for purchases and sales, bank statements, transaction records of cash registers, calculations and payments of work salaries and health insurance and social security contributions and others, depending on the specifics of your company line of business.
  • Secondary book-keeping documents are draw up:
  • a trial balance of a monthly, quarterly, half-year or one-year period with a detailed list, from which a Client can get informed about economic details, associated with his activity and analyze them.
  • An income statement;
  • An inventory book, which contains information about company assets – tangible and intangible.
  • Amortization/depreciation plans for company long-term assets
  • Certificates of an available material reserve, from which it is visible what the movement of commodities is, what quantities are in stock and what have been consumed. From this certificate, you can get information about the condition of your warehouse (if there is such).
  • A certificate about the amount of hard cash at your cash desk/office.

In order to be maximally convenient to you, the Accounting House uses licensed  professional software, which allows us to provide certificates with detailed or general economic information. We can also classify it by different economic criteria. What is good for your line of business, is also good for us!


The price for services is fixed in accordance with the volume of work and the individual necessities of every client.

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A client

A company, which performs only services

A company, operating in the area of tourism, commerce, trade in services

A company operating in the field of manufacture, construction and building and assembly works

A client has up to 10 documents per month

70 €

110 €

135 €

A client has from 11 up to 30 documents per month

135 €

160 €

190 €

A client has from 31 up to 50 documents per month

200 €

215 €

240 €

A client has more than 50 documents per month

Prices are subject to negotiations

Prices are subject to negotiations

Prices are subject to negotiations

Vesta Consult

Vesta Consult