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Internal financial control is analytical and control activity. It is more expressed in the evaluation of the correctness and expediency of performed financial operations and their accounting reporting. In order to possess the experience and capability for a similar evaluation, an expert, who exercises control, must possess certain qualities- not only personal, but also professional, including but not limited to:

• a vocational experience or length of service;

•a rich practice; •analytical skills;

•a capability to take quick and flexible decisions;

•independence and many others.

Control can be exercised in a different mode – preliminary, whenever one evaluates how good it will be for a certain line of business to be applied a certain practice or to be realized a given plan; current, whenever a given expert assesses and controls activity in the course of work; subsequent, whenever one revises a certain past period of time and one appraises how expedient and correct, from purely economic viewpoint, actions taken or the decisions made were.

Each of the specialists, working for Vesta Consult Accounting House, possesses a vocational practice, education, experience and skills at the exercise of internal financial control in his/her professional area. If necessary, one can present to us materials for an analysis in our accounting house office or on our way, we can visit the sites of a client on the spot. The preventive revision and correction of incorrect and inexpedient commercial practices saves you many troubles in the future. That’s why, every our client with whom we start to work from now on, can avail himself/herself of our knowledge and experience in past periods of time, which are not still revised by competent public institutions (for example, the National Revenue Agency) with a view to recommendations and offers.


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