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Services: A price exclusive of VAT:
The preparation of annual financial reports, which reflect a Company financial result. They are submitted to a Client and are discussed with him. 2 monthly subscription fees for accounting services in accordance with your subscription plan.
After the financial result is discussed, one fills in annual tax return of the Company under Bulgaria’s Corporate Income Tax Act;
We prepare all verifications and reports, which are enclosed to your annual tax return;
We draw up your annual statistical report and submit it electronically. By submitting documents electronically, we save your time and resources.
The drawing-up of an annual tax return under Bulgaria’s VAT Law and it is submitted electronically. 1 monthly subscription fee for accounting services in conformity with your subscription plan.
The filing of the annual financial statement with the Companies Register. 100 euro

  Besides all these services, which we perform for you, you get absolutely for free:

  • If you display interest, we can share with you different possibilities for the optimization of taxes, like corrections in the estimated financial result are made not later than the end of October.
  • Accounting and tax consultations, associated with your line of business – up to 2 hours monthly!
  • You get a “Loyal Client” discount, if you entrust more than one company to us.

IMPORTANT! All other services are subject to additional negotiations!

Vesta Consult

Vesta Consult