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 This service includes:

- A presentation of Client’s activity. plan

- A goal is set (future intentions), as we prepare a plan for it.

- We provide the economic substantiation of your project,

-We ensure security of your business plan

– We describe how the financing of activity will be carried out.

- We set the time limits and determine the stages of a business plan, as we draw up a plan for the financing of every single stage.

- We draw up balance sheets of estimates and reports on the time, during which a business plan will be realized, as well as for a three-year period after the execution of a business plan.

- We set the time limit for return on investment.

-We review the provision of a Client staff and the vocational training of the teams, which perform activity.

-We review potential suppliers and clients.

- We analyze a market environment and competition.

When we fix the price for a service, we take into account the complexity of an assignment and the volume of work. A client gets an individual offer, which reflects the specific features of his activity.

Vesta Consult

Vesta Consult