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Vesta Consult is not a real estate agency, but it has enough partners to which it can refer its clients for the sake of maximally qualitative and complex services.

Besides that, we assist at the signing of rent contracts, as we give legal consultations, render legal aid and offer mediation at signing.

We render expert aid and assistance at the provision of the necessary documentation, which proves the lack of a legal burden on the site, which will be rented or granted for rent.

We put our clients in touch with checked and time-proven on the market real estate agencies and brokers, that work correctly and qualitatively and who will help you to find the right place for your business.

We provide assistance and give consultations from the moment of renting a site, which is ideally compliant with the start of activity, the putting into operation and the registration of a company (if necessary) and the licensing of activity.

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Vesta Consult

Vesta Consult