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The team of Vesta Consult accounting house optimizes the taxes, which you as a natural person or your company must pay. For the sake of optimization, our team makes a careful economic analysis of the assets, staff and other indicators of a company. We take into consideration many elements. We can reduce considerably the taxes to be paid in, including:

•A value-added tax (VAT)

•A corporate tax

• A profit tax

• A gift tax (for non-profit corporations, foundations, associations and others)

• A tax deducted at source (TDS)

• An alternative tax

• the taxes due under Bulgaria’s Local Taxes and Fees Act and others.

The optimization of taxes can be applied also to your personal taxes, including also the tax on the dividends of partners (shareholders). We must mention here, that we apply the Agreements for the Avoidance of Double Taxation (AADT). We refund an overpaid tax surely and effectively.




The optimization of expenditures is not one-time service, but a process. It depends exceptionally on the type and condition of a market, the company line of business, the specific features of its realization and others. The optimization of expenditures necessitates an exceptionally thorough and in-depth analysis of the position of your business entity and of its commercial practices. For this purpose, we review company documents and the efficiency of its manufacturing process, as we evaluate the efficiency of your staff and of a work environment and we take into account suppliers and clients. We pay great attention to every individual detail. After the end of the analytical part, we formulate/set your individual policy, which is carried out step by step. It is strictly individual for every concrete client.

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